Here is my rendition of the Polska, I hope you enjoy!
I tried for a more traditional interpretation in the first two riffs, and the last riff ("the strand finale") came out pretty naturally after those two were written. During the last riff, I'm using the first main melody as the clean part. The outro was built by superimposing the two main melodies from the beginning.
Tuning (low to high): D B E A D G B B
I entered this competition to hopefully win a new 8 string guitar, since mine has a twisted neck and is a little difficult to play. But either way, I'm glad I got the chance to learn this Polska and to make it my own – this was such an awesome experience! Thanks to Ola, and everyone else in the competition.
Lastly, a HUGE thanks to my friend and bandmate Chris Edmonds for all the time and effort he put into making this video possible (he recorded all the video and did all the video editing)!

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