This entry revisited the Swedish folk song Polska från Norrbotten, rearranged and reharmonized in a jazz approach. In an attempt to better capture the taste and essence of the more traditional jazz music, instead of playing with a backing track, this cover was recorded in a full band setting with actual guitar and keyboard playing in the background. In addition, no special effect was added except for the use of a reverb pedal on bass during the session.

In a perfect world, this video would not have been vertical, yet we all know 2020 is far from being perfect anyway. Knowing that the traditional Swedish Polska had a heavy relation to the traditional folk dance believed to be originated in the 16th century, as I listened to the Polska, I could not help but wonder when we could resume to the days that we could travel, meet each other in person freely and safely, and eventually be able to dance again. This had ultimately became the creative direction for this slower and perhaps more laid back rearrangement, and hoped that this could, in some way, bring positivity to anyone around the world during this difficult period.

Thank you! Take care! Stay Healthy!

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