Hi this is my entry for the Strandberg Guitars / Uppsala International Guitar Festival in the bass category!

I wanted to incorporate vocals into this rendition, and decided on using a beautiful Afrikaans song (originally a poem written by Ingrid Jonker) as the base of the composition. I incorporated the main melodies of the Polska throughout the tune on the bass and in both the melody and harmony, as well as having the bass part reflect the meaning of the words where applicable. The poem/song i chose concerns love and the disappointment of a failed relationship. For anyone interested, Iā€™m adding the English Translation!
Bitter-berry daybreak,
bitter-berry sun.
a mirror has broken
between me and him.

I try to find the highway,
perhaps to run away.
but everywhere the footpaths
of his words lead me astray.
Echo gives no answer,
he answers everyone.
bitter-berry daybreak,
bitter-berry sun.

Please enjoy and let me know what you guys think!

Extra special thanks to Wilhelm Meyer for helping me on such short notice, and to both Strandberg Guitars and the Uppsala IGF for hosting such a fun contest!

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