Hey all! I'm an international humanitarian aid worker. Actually, Strandberg was recommended to me after an airline lost my guitar that I had to check. Being short, I've got a much better shot at never having to check a Strandberg. I spent 6 months trying to get a guitar in a country with limited guitar shops and people looked confused when you asked about 8 strings. Anyway, my great-grandmother immegrated to the US from Sweden so we've always had that Swedish pride in my family. Been very happy with my Salen.

I've really enjoyed this challenge and I decided to see how this would sound with some swing to it. The chords kinda showed themselves too. I was pretty pleased to hear how walking chords lined up with the second part. Lots of forward motion. Tried to lean into the musical potential of all of the differing note values. The backing track is just that same guitar played into a loop pedal just moments before. Fought to get the best recording I could quality wise, but traveling for the last decade hasn't really let me invest in any studio stuff.

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