I observed that the main difficulty when trying to make modern versions of popular songs is avoiding the “folk/metal-ish” vibe: that strong contrast between a traditional melody and the new style where it doesn't really fit in, sometimes resulting in a weird franken-style that can only be appreciated by those who are very familiar with the original composition.

I made an effort to write a song that could stand by itself and can also be enjoyed by those who don’t know where this actually comes from. Nevertheless the melody adheres quite closely to the original and it is clearly recognizable if you are familiar with the Polska from Norbotten.

The time signature is 4/4 but the original is in 3/4, I leveraged the resulting “3/4 on 4/4” to add variation to the song. The style I believe one can say is modern fusion? The intro was made using the provided midi file and resampling some nykelharpas performances to enrich the Swedish tribute.
(I'm not really sure that really sounds like a genuine nykelharpa but I did my best…)

PS: The rules strongly encourage to make it clear that the performance is live so I uploaded the raw file from my camera here if anyone wants to check it: https://youtu.be/pUqQo7T8Xs4

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