Hey, my name is Dray Richmond; I'm a veterinary student and music hobbyist. My goal with the piece I wrote was to utilize the rhythms and motifs in the original tune, but with a more modern sound. To accomplish this, I re-imagined the song in 4/4 time, and re-contextualized the original melody. The original piece seemed to me to have a D-major tonality, and with the help of a hand-crafted backing track, I used those same notes in an A-mixolydian sound. I felt that this maintained the light-heartedness of the original while also adding just a bit of funkiness. One of my favorite parts of the original was the out-of-key note right at the end of the piece, so to mimic that I hid a few out-of-key minor thirds throughout my entry to pay homage to the original while also adding a bit of rock-n-roll flavor. Thanks for listening!

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