I am an amateur guitarist/producer/songwriter from Bangalore, India. I post most of my creative work on @iamroodak on Instagram. I am also a part of a local classic rock band (called AKOG) and I play/record guitars for the band. We have a few releases, and we are putting out new music regularly.
I have tried my best to make a progressive rock version of the song and tried my very best to write/mix/and re-arrange it in a way that reflects the kind of music I am passionate about. There is an entirely new middle section with a guitar solo/riff of my own to go along with the beautiful piece that has been provided. I have tried my best to portray a live performance by using the same takes (excluding one instance of rhythm guitar which was double-tracked) I've taken on video for the end product. Please note that I have faded out the ending section for aesthetics (you can hear the sustain from the camera audio after the track ends)

I hope you like it! I loved being a part of this experience. I would have never taken the time to explore Polska music.
May the best entry win.


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