.strandberg* Guitars & Uppsala International Guitar Festival competition 2020

The winners can be found here!

The .strandberg* Guitar competition is a collaboration between the Uppsala International Guitar Festival and Strandberg Guitars and offers an online interaction opportunity to complement the festival that takes place in Uppsala, Sweden, in October each year.

In light of the 2020 pandemic, the format is changed slightly, but we are equally excited to announce our competition, which will be open not only to guitarists, but also to bassists!
We have a long standing relationship with the festival, which has featured performances and workshops by .strandberg* artists Jose Macario, Sarah Longfield, Jacky Bastek and Gustavo Assis-Brasil. For full details on the festival, visit http://www.uppsalagitarrfestival.se/
Contest is finished!
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Title: Bernardo Branco
Author: Bernardo Branco
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Description: Hi guys, I decided to try my luck in the .strandberg* Guitars & Uppsala International Guitar Festival competition 2020 This is my very improvised and finger picked acoustic version of the "Polska" (It's not related to Poland lol, it is actually connected to the town of Boden in Sweden) that they proposed we interpret. I am sure there were tons of shredding entries so I decided to handle things in a completely different way and I am quite pleased with the result. It is very simple but it sounds good to me, that's what matters in the end. 🙂 Hope you like it!
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